Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming soon! Recipes for Life.

Sometime in 2011 my first (but not my last) book will be published!!!! About blooming time! Just hope someone reads it!

Just a few quotes from Recipes for Life- a wee taster for you!

"There are two things in life that won´t let you down; good food and good friends-in that order.
"I fell in love with a dream, but reality came and stomped on it"
"I blame their friends; I blame society; I blame their father!"
"They need to suck on the fat; chew on the bones; gag on the gristle and rip that turkey apart Henry the Eighth style"
"The dating game is just so trickynot only must you look like a model  and behave like a wild cat in bed, but you must also transform yourself into a Stepford Wife"
"You must wear WOW underwearno big knickers or greying, comfortable bras"
"What is this obsession men have with stockings and suspenders'"
"This is a code red situation. Sean wants to meet my parents, but even worse- he wants me to meet his!"
"Next step, move in together- do you really want your Crabtree and Evelyn soap messed  up, your leather sofa covered in toe nail clippings or the toilet seat permanently up?"
"Congratulations if you survived your Big White Meringue Day, and a huge pat on the back if you actually enjoyed it!"
"Swingers party. Lots of alcohol and a bag of crisps or two will suffice!"
"So, get home, get your trousers off and no playing with yourself until I get  back"
"Caring for Twins is Easy.which male twit wrote this?"
"Is he the Strong Black Coffee type or the Chocolate Teapot type?"
"The way to a man´s heart is through his stomach..I think it has more to do with what is between his legs"
"Separation and Divorce seem to be "a la mode"
"Internet dating-Tales from The dark Side"
"Mr Big Mac- I positively drooled at the thought of biting into this 100% meat taste bud extravaganza"