Saturday, October 9, 2010

Naughty Boy!

I have a problem- well actually, I have heaps of problems, but I am only sharing one of them with you today! My dog keeps digging up my garden, specifically an area I lovingly broke my back on, by laying down a tonne of white decrorative stones, bag by blooming bag. 
My neighbour had spent a few days watching me put right the disaster  my masscot had created and knowingly told me (although he has no pets at all) that I should stop my dog. Duh! Yes, I know that- but how! I have tried scolding him, but he just turns to me all big eyed and sorrowful, and ten minutes later he is causing havoc again. I have tried reasoning with him, explaining the errors of his ways, it goes in one ear and out the other! I have completely flipped my lid and screamed and ranted at him, but after looking apologetic for a few minutes, as soon as my back is turned, he is at it again. I have even tried growling at him, like his mother used to. All the afore mentioned to no avail!
So, what am I to do? Stop him going out? Keep watch over him 24/7? Just accept his behaviour, I mean so many of them are like this? Is he really worth all this extra work, stress and upset? Bloody MEN- oops, I forgot I was actually talking about my dog!

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