Friday, April 1, 2011

Easy to open.

Easy to open packs make me angry- they are NOT easy to open! For who are they easy to open? Engineers? Scientists? Once I have got over my anger, I start to feel inadequate. If they were invented for the general public. If Mr. of Ms. Normal can open one of these packs without breaking out in a sweat or pulling a muscle. If they can end up with the pack still in one piece and not hacked to death by teeth, forks and other such implements...what is wrong with me?! Do I have a below average I.Q? Am I physically challenged in any way that prevents me from mastering this skill. Worrying!
And, don´t even get me started on those food packs that also say "re-sealable"- only true if you have super glue handy!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Why do they call it a funny bone? There is nothing remotely funny about it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just a quick gripe! All these anti wrinkle/ age defying creams that cost a fortune-what a load of cods wallop! They claim that they are "absorbed" into our skin. If our skin absorbs everything, how come after a shower, or being caught in the rain, we don´t fill up with water and end up looking like Mr Blobby?

Now even tastier!

Recipes for Life has now been published and so far readers seem pleased with it (phew!) So time to get this blog going again (I really am a lazy trollop). New book, new look. The new book you can order from or from Author House. The new look....I am not referring to the fact I have gone blonde....I have played about with my blog set up (but any advice is gratefully recieved by this computer stupid writer) and my plan is to add something everyday- a comment, a recipe, a "get it off my small, but perfectly formed, chest" type rant.....
I say my "plan" is a to add something everyday- but I also planned to do sit ups everyday, stop eating crisps, stop drinking wine and watch the news far none of the afore mentioned have been put into action.
Keep checking out my blog and I will keep checking out yours.
Buy my book and I will buy yours!
Welcome to, or welcome back to, Recipes for Life !