Monday, May 16, 2011


Why is it that just about everything we enjoy or take pleasure in is bad for us? They say; "Everything in moderation". But who decides exactly how much "moderation" is?

The obvious cases of divine things being bad for us are food and alcohol. Too much fat and you will have a heartattack; too much sugar and your teeth will drop out; too much alcohol and you run the risks of liver problems, cancer and more; too much red meat = clogged arteries; too little red meat = anaemia. Life is one big minefield! Even sleep and excercise have associated problems. Too little or too much sleep is not good for you; you should do a certain amount of excercise each week BUT not too much or your joints etc will suffer.

A perfect Sunday for me:- wake up late after a night out with friends eating deliciously rich food and drinking a luscious wine (probably in a smoky atmosphere). Nice big bacon sandwich or even a fry up breakfast (if someone else is making it). Next a brisk walk to clear the head and then pub lunch- roast beef and all the trimmings. Then it is less brisk walk back home to slob on the sofa until bed time. According to the rule of moderation- I should be dead by the end of the day!

I know doctors and other brainy people have investigated the harm we do our bodies by over indulging (or enjoying life) but isn´t life too short for us to be so preoccupied about alcohol units, grams of fat etc. etc.? You could be speed walking your way to the health shop to stock up on mung beans and soya milk and get hit by a bus!

Since someone told me that if you eat too many cornflakes you get cancer, I have decided to let my body tell me when I am going overboard on enjoying life. Trousers too tight- cut back on fatty /sugary foods. Short of breath when running for the bus- time to do a bit more excercise. Stonking hangover- promise myself never, ever, ever drink again (ha,ha,ha).

Carpe Diem- but make sure you can Carpe Diem every day!