Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to wear this one!

Which hats do you wear? It is only 7.30 am here in not so sunny Spain and so far the hats I have worn are:-

My cross Mummys hat- why do children wake up early on a Saturday, yet have to be dragged out of bed during the week.

My chefs hat- why does one of my daughters insist on asking for the one thing I don't have when I ask what they want for breakfast.

My zookeepers hat- battling my way through 5 cats and a rabbit, without tripping over one of them, to get them fed.

My laundrette hat- why is my washing machine always full? Are the rest of the village sneaking into my house at night and dumping their dirty clothes in my machine?

By the end of the day I will also have worn:-

My holiday camp entertainments organisers hat- "What are we doing today, Mummy?"

My psychologists hat- having 2 almost teenage daughters means this hat is getting worn more and more! also a few sessions of self analysis seem necessary these days!

My chefs hat- numerous times.

My cleaners hat- never really take this off, just put other hats on top of it!

My saints halo- helps me gather up enough patience to deal with afore mentioned animals,children and grumpy ex-husband.

My taxi drivers hat-my daughters forget they have bikes and those things that dangle from the bottom of their boddies....legs

I have probably forgotten a few hats but you know which hat I want to wear....the one at the start of this blog. Just for a day or two I would love to wear a frivilous, pretty, non useful hat. A hat that signifies fun and no responsibilities. But having said this, after a couple of days I would miss all my other hats. Perhaps I am more of a cosy,sensible woolly bobble hat than a Alexander McQueen creation.

What kind of hat are you?

Weekend upon us and for many that means Sunday is spent trying to coordinate a Sunday lunch-Don't do it! Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday Lunch in a Tin.

Take heaps of vegetables- carrots,onions,swede,peppers,celery, tomatoes etc and roughly chop them and put them in the biggest roasting tray you have.Add lots of salt and pepper, rosemary (fresh or dried), bay leaves and garlic (crushed or just chuck in whole cloves). Drizzle with Olive oil and put in hot oven for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes place chicken breasts or pork chops on top of veggies. More salt and pepper and olive oil and back in oven for 40 minutes (or until meat cooked) Serve from roasting tray with potatoes (mashed,boiled or roasted) if you can be bothered to make them, or some lovely fresh bread. Gravy optional!

Time saver- you can do all the roasting of vegetables the day before, so you only have to chuck some meat on top and voila- Sunday roast in 40 minutes!

What's Up Doc.

No recipe today,sorry! Friday night in our house is Princesses Night. My two girls and I get our pyjamas on early, watch a chick flick and eat pizza! I suggest you do the same! Main event of the day- our house rabbit Poppy became an outside the house rabbit. Let me explain:-
Pleeeeese Mummy!

“Please Mummy! Pleeeeeese! I have wanted one for like forever. All my friends have one. I promise I will take care of it. I swear on my sisters’ life”

I could be explaining my daughters’ desperate need for numerous things- a bike, a Nintendo, a computer, a Roxy jacket etc , but no what she wanted was a rabbit. Before the rabbit she “neeeeeeeeded” to have a hamster. I can just picture the poor rodent cowering in its’ cage as my three cats stalk round it licking their whiskery chops. Before the hamster it was a guinea pig. Before the guinea pig it was a fish- but not a pretty goldfish type fish, one of those weird fish that suck on to the side of the fish tank. For goodness sake where is the fun in watching a pair of big lips slide found a glass bowl? Before the fish it was a terrapin- until her friends’ terrapin bit her. My daughter is like one of those nippy, yappy terrier dogs- once she is on a mission she never shuts up and she never lets go.

So, this time she must have caught me at a weak moment and I agreed to her having a rabbit. As soon as I uttered the word “yes” I knew I had made a huge mistake. I tried to justify my decision to others, and myself, by saying- she is now 11 and therefore mature enough to take care of the rabbit; it will be an excellent way for her to learn to be more responsible etc. etc. Friends and family gave me that sad, how deluded are you look. Wake up and smell the coffee Kate. This is Robyn we are talking about. Robyn who thinks that coats belong on the floor with the wet towels and dirty clothes. This is Robyn who can’t see the sense in making your bed because you are just going to get back into it later. This is Robyn who thinks all available space in our home should be filled with her “stuff”. This is Robyn whose school bag contains scary, mouldy stuff and whose gym bag should have a “Risk of Contamination” sign on it. This is Robyn who is so lazy she would rather talk like the man in the Mr. Kipling adverts than blow her nose. This is Robyn who rather than brush her hair cuts the tats out. Anyway, I had agreed….enter Poppy.

First we had to buy all the necessaries for Poppy- cage, water bottle, food bowl, snacks, special baby bunny food, brush, collar and lead (yes, really!),vitamin enhanced, wooden, chewy sticks and hay. How on earth do rabbits in the wild survive without all these things? All prepared (or so I thought) off we went to get Poppy.Oh, so cute! A little ball of golden, silky, fur. One ear up and one ear down, little twitchy nose- she could melt even the hardest of hearts. Little cotton wool tale, shiny black eyes and ……teeth. With those teeth came phase two of buying necessaries for Poppy- blankets to protect my sofa, covers for all electrical cables (the video cable was the first of Poppys’ victims), patches to mend clothes and boxes to store toys (we now have a very scary looking “Phantom of The Opera Barbie”- no nose and half a face!)

We wanted Poppy to be a house rabbit; freedom to hop and jump wherever her sharp, clawed little feet wanted to. All fine and dandy until you find your house covered in little chocolate like balls and you sit on a patch of warm rabbit wee. Super, until you see your house slowly disintegrating in front of your eyes. Perfect, until you go to tie your shoelaces and realize they are no more. We wanted Poppy to be human friendly; Robyn was to spend quality time with her every morning and night. But do you realize how busy an 11 year old is? There’s hair to be straightened; outfits to be chosen; computer games to be played; vital conversations on Messenger to be had (after all a girl has so much to tell her school friends; the ones she saw only half an hour previously!). The list goes on and that is before the tedious tasks of homework, brushing teeth, showering etc enter in. So, who gets quality time with Poppy? Muggings here. Who cleans out Poppys cage? Yours truly. Who chases Poppy round the room in a vain attempt to brush her? Moi.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain- she could have neeeeeeeded a horse or a pot bellied pig. Next time I am getting straight on to Amazon and buying one of those DVDs of a virtual fish tank. Actually, I wonder if they do a horse one?
Animal lovers do not panic- Poppt now has a luxury home outside (with light and everything) and a huge terrace to try and chew her way through!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

True story- unfortunately!

Just a quicky! Just returned from local bread shop and I am still burning from embarrassment! I have had a bit of a cold recently and coming into the shop out off the chilly street set my nose running. Thank goodness for that tissue I could feel tucked up my sleeve. The bread shop was packed with locals chatting and gossipping but all went silent as I produced a pair of my knickers out of my sleeve! Somewhere along the washing,drying,ironing and putting away system, these knickers had escaped detection!!! What to do? Carry on as if this was a perfectly normal thing to happen or make a hasty exit from the shop? I guess we will be using the trick mentioned in my previous blog entry- reheating yesterdays stale bread!!!!!!!

P.s- They weren't even pretty knickers- more like the old comfortable ones we all love but deny having!

Anyone else out there have this problem?

I.S.N Syndrome

Not a problem. Yes, of course. Not a big deal. Anytime.

Damn it, bugger it I’ve done it again. Why the flip can’t I say NO? So now I have to race like a Formula One driver to pick up someone elses kids before I collect my own. Parking will be a nightmare, it’s pouring with rain, I will have to provide healthy snacks, not the usual convenience rubbish, all children to mine, four lots of homework, four lots of unpredictable hormones and why- because Janet is going to the hairdressers. The need for her to have her roots done has sent my: night before, perfectly planned schedule spiraling into that universe called chaos.

I am not angry at Janet. I am angry at weak, pathetic me. I have always suffered from this illness. It should appear in the Medical Journals-I.S.N Syndrome (Inability to Say No).This illness clashes like Tina and Ike with my other disorder, O.C.D (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).That one minute phone call, that one, perfectly, reasonable request has turned me into a gibbering wreck. Must reorganize. Must recalculate. Think…. Oh my God, I don’t have enough car seats. What if I have an accident? “Hi Janet, sorry I have broken your children” What if the police stop me? “I know officer but, can we keep this short, I haven’t done my ironing yet and it’s on my list of things “I must do TODAY!”

It’s always been this way:-

Kate, you’ll lend Sally your Barbie, won’t you?
I’ll give her Flicker the pony too?

Kate, you don’t mind editing the school magazine do you?
My pleasure.

Kate, you have the time to organize the last minute reunion don’t you?

Kate, you’ll help take sixty, hyperactive children to the zoo won’t you?
Would love to!

Kate, could you look after our dogs, cats, tarantula and boa constrictor while we are on holiday?
Yes, you know me and animals.

Kate, would you mind bending over backwards, wrapping both legs round your neck and doing a cartwheel?
Not a problem.

Kate, any chance of you jumping off that bridge for me.
Wheeeeeee-here I go!

N. O- only two letters. I have tried, I have practiced in the mirror, (practiced it with a slight shake of the head, with an apologetic shrug of the shoulders). But the moment comes and I just say YES immediately or start burbling rubbish as to why I can’t help; and then say YES. The aftermath? Running round like a headless chicken, panic, brain burn out, nausea, verbal self abuse.

Good old, dependable Kate-she’ll do it. I seethe with anger at not being able to say THAT word. I am jealous of all of you who can. One day this worm will turn. One day I will stun you –“NO sorry I can’t. NO can do. NO, not possible today” Shock, horror Kate said NO! I want that moment captured on film.

Oh, hang on phone call.

“Of course I can have your three children over the Bank Holiday weekend, Sally whilst you go off to a spa to relax. No, we didn' have anything planned that can't be changed. No,I won’t forget they are not allowed gluten or dairy product- no problem!”


Now you lot- no sitting there feeling all self righteous and thinking how stupid I must be. Honestly how many of you have said YES to something when what you were really thinking was NO? How many times have you suddenly found yourself with unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) extra people for lunch or dinner? Don' t panic! Here are some pasta based store cupboard recipes to save the day!

I am hoping your store cupboard and fridge contain the following:-

Pasta-Spaghetti/macarones/bows/wierd cartoon shaped ones..whatever.
A jar of Pesto
chilli sauce or oil or dried chillies
Parmesan (or any other cheese- except cheese squares!!!)
A jar of tomato pasta sauce
olive oil

Pasta x 3

1. Cook spaghetti as per instructions on the packet. Once you have drained it add lots of pesto, mix well and add a few good handfuls of whichever cheese you found lurking in the fridge.

2.Set oven to 180 degrees C. Cook macarones or whichever shaped past you have. Transfer to an oven proof dish and cover with tomato sauce, mix well, season with black pepper, add lots of cheese, cover with foil and into oven to heat until piping hot and cheese all gooey.

Variation on this, incase you found your cupboard tomato sauce free, use condensed mushroom or chicken soup.

3.Not always suitable for children but really quick and easy to prepare for surprise, hungry, adult invasion! Best not to use freaky Loony Tunes shaped pasta for grown ups but if that is all you have,so be it! Cook pasta as per instructions on the packet. Drain and put it back in the pan you boiled it is (saves on washing up and means you don't have to pre heat a serving dish) and whilst still hot crumble on a few dried chillies and add a few good glugs of olive oil. Lots of grated cheese (parmesan is best) and serve!

How many chillies depends on how spicy you and your friends like things. I love really spicy food so if I like the unexpected guests I tone down the chilli heat, but if I don't like them I'll add a couple extra!
Serve any of the above with any salad you can find or, if the lettuce has seen better days, slice up some tomatoes and dress with oil and vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Yes, I know most children don't like salad but....tough!
Got no fresh bread? Just warm yesterdays bread in the oven and for about 10 minutes it will have the texture of fresh baked bread- insist they eat the bread whilst it is warm (really what you are trying to avoid is it turning rock hard after the afore mentioned 10 minutes!!!)
Dessert........Ice cream (with or without smashed up choccie balls on top)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another tool to my belt!

My other feel good experience was that I managed to fix our toilet! Yes, me alone- well I had spectators (2 children, 5 cats and 1 rabbit). Ok, so a plumber could have fitted a whole heating system in the time it took me but I did it in the end. Only lost my temper twice, only once thought about smashing it to smithereens and only growled at my daughters a few times! Problem was I was looking for the ballcock (I have always had a problem locating these!!!!!!!) and now modern toilets don't have the same system or they have changed shape! But we now have flushing toilet and I have another tool to add to my belt!
Treated myself to a big mug of tea and a bacon sandwich (oozing with butter and brown sauce)- suitable breakfast for a would-be plumber!
P.s I used brown bread to pretend I was being healthy!

Good Feeling

They say "simple things please simple minds"- so what! I think even a genius must get that "good feeling" from simple things like the smell of freshly baked bread.I haven't tried making my own bread yet(seems like alot of work) but I love to stand outside our local bread shop inhaling deeply!. How can Mr/Ms. high I.Q not enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass-warning, as this is a foodie type page, I am not suggesting you munch on grass for breakfast! Which college professor does not sigh with happiness when they return from work to the smell of homecooking (unless they have returned late and the dinner is burnt or already in the cat or dog or bin!)Tell me of a high flying business person that can walk into a chocolate shop and not start salavating! Freshly ground coffee, Sunday roast, cakes baking in an oven, a good curry simmering on the hob etc.
Oh, I feel a Julie Andrews Sound of Music song coming on and I have only mentioned a couple of simple things, and only those affecting our sense of smell! Simple things are great and should be enjoyed to the utmost!
One of the simple thigs that made me feel great this morning- I have 4 followers to my blog! Ok, one of them is me, but who cares!

My Granny Mushroom lived to the splendid age of 92. Her secret to a long and happy life? Full fat, sugar loaded lovingly prepared memories. I have a mental treasure chest full of childhood memories; some not happy, but the majority dripping with sticky sweetness; a chocolate box of wonderful family moments.

Remember Easter Bunnies and Easter egg hunts? You gorged on shiny, aromatic chocolate until you nearly were, or were, sick. Bunny hop to today- Easter egg hunts are gone-no one can be bothered. Chocolate replaced by cash- a healthier option!

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November- The bonfire and Guy so lovingly constructed. Hero worshipping your Dad as he set off fireworks in the back garden. Thawing out numb, mitten clad hands with charred potatoes from the embers. Standing too close to the fire to melt marshmallows.Flash forward to now-Firework displays are military style, organized events. Burning Guy Fawkes dummies not politically correct. Bonfires considered a hazard.

On the First day of Christmas…. (This, by the way was in December not October!) All your senses bombarded -twinkling lights and gaudy decorations; the heady scent of pine needles and oranges; carol singing; writing to Father Christmas; excitement and worry (had you been good ALL year?) My Mums Christmas Dinner- a full fat, taste bud extravaganza-hours in the making; minutes in the devouring. After lunch games; charades and Monopoly. Dad always cheating

Hitch a sleigh ride to the Twenty First Century- By the time Christmas arrives we are sick of it (we’ve been celebrating it for eight weeks already). The plastic tree is looking dusty. No more going carol singing- that sweet old lady answering the door could be a mass murderer or, sue you for disturbing the peace. An e- mail is sent to Santas website instead of posting the hand written version to “Santa at Greenland”; but actually who cares, children early on now stop believing in him. Plastic covers are pierced, and, perfectly formed veggies are popped in the microwave. After the tasteless, odorless meal; TV on and Nintendo’s fired up.

Life is full of tests and challenges. Make your own choices and face up to the consequences. If you want something-get out there and grab it. Work for it, suffer for it. Use your imagination and intuition to make it happen. Realizing you have made mistakes is a bitter pill to swallow; and I have made a medicine cabinet full of them; but they have helped me be who I am today. Mine, thank goodness, was a childhood of gnawing on chicken wings, not nibbling on processed, chicken nuggets.

Childhood was full of challenges .Competitive sports; being top of the class; surviving bullies in the playground; entertaining yourself all summer holiday, with just your bike and Barbie Doll. Working for pocket money; newspaper rounds and washing cars. Walking to school-whatever the weather. Chicken pox parties. No skiving off school unless you were at deaths door. Surviving obligatory, family Sunday expeditions – without special walking boots or picnic basket. Caravan holidays; four living in the space the size of a toilet. We wrote letters to pen pals. We played I Spy and sang Ten Green Bottles on car journeys. A treat- Saturday afternoon at the cinema; without parents!

Now fast forward to the scene today. They exit the womb into a cotton wool wrapped, sterilized, vaccinated world. Everything dished out on a nice, clean, plate- no fat or gristle to chew on. Football is too dangerous to be played in the school yard; in fact competition on the playing field or in the classroom is frowned upon. Playgrounds are perilous, areas rife with broken bones and perverts. Summer holidays; a whirlwind of outings and over stimulation. Pocket money given without worth- heavy newspaper bags can hurt backs and car washing, chap hands. Buses or cars replace those extensions of the bodies called, legs. Chicken pox? They stay off school with a wobbly tooth or one of the many allergies they all seem to have (were there that many allergies when I was young?) Package holidays; pre-packed, dainty picnics; communication through messenger and secret code text messages. Saturday cinema? Who needs it, it will be out on DVD soon.

Our children lack E numbers- Emotion, Excitement, Exceptional moments, Energy. Come on, we are the parents- we have control over this, don’t we? We must prepare the next generation for the reality of life. They need to suck on the fat, chew on the bones, gag on the gristle and rip that turkey apart Henry the Eighth style.

Finally- The Recipes!

The following are perfect for warming up after your 20 seconds of super expensive and somewhat disappointing fireworks (unless you have been very silly and are actually on your way to casualty with a nasty burn!) But you don’t need to wait until Bonfire Night to enjoy the recipes below (yes, I have just realized I’ve missed November 5th!!!) and you don’t need to have children to enjoy children’s’ food. All of us have a secret desire to eat kid’s style food. We are constantly bombarded with haute cuisine, nouvelle cuisine, lean cuisine etc.etc. Just for a treat push aside those miniscule, picturesque meals and tuck into the following

Bonfire Night Potatoes.

I have happy memories of the potatoes wrapped in charred tin foil being scraped out of the embers of the bonfire, but in reality most of the time they were inedible! Try this in your oven at home:-

Par boil 1 large baking potato per person (plus two extra for the greedy folk) until almost cooked. Drain the potatoes and wrap in streaky bacon and then in foil. Pop these precious parcels in a hot oven (200 degrees C) and bake for 40 minutes. If like me you like crispy potato skins and crispy bacon, open up the foil for the last 10 minutes. Delicious as they are but even yummier with a bit of butter inside!

Bonfire Beans and Bangers.(feeds 4-6)

Easy to throw together and easy to reheat (just incase you have had to make that trip to Emergencies!)

In a large pan brown 12 chunky sausages - whichever are your favourite. Add a large tin of chopped tomatoes and 2 tins of baked beans. Season well with lots of pepper and add 2 bay leaves. Simmer, with the lid on, for about 30 minutes-until sausages are cooked through. Perfect with the Bonfire Night Potatoes!

I am not just about snacks!!!

Please don't think my blog is just going to be about snack food, but being computer stupid I am starting slowly! It doesn't help that our house rabbit keeps chewing through the computer cables or that one of our five cats keeps sitting on the keyboard!Coming up- something to really get your teeth into!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Why? I have been writing for months now, but just for me, so why a blog and why now? I won't lie and tell you one morning I woke up inspired and knew I was destined to write a blog; no my inspiration came from something much simpler....a trip to the cinema! I went to see Julie and Julia and Julie starts this amazing blog based on Julia Childs recipes (I am not telling you anymore-go and see the film1)So as I munched my way through a monstorous sized bucket of calorie laden popcorn (balanced off, in my mind, by a large DIET drink), I decided I should give it a go.
I love going to the cinema but there are a couple of things that really annoy me about my trips. Why when ordering food do you have to make a complete idiot of yourself? It is a bit like when you go to any fast food restaurant. All the food has ridiculous, and sometimes obscene, names. Don't you cring when you have to order a "Double whammy, super, dooper, crispy,crunchy mega bite" (large hotdog)or "Dippity,dip,spicy,cheesy,wheezy nachos" (nachos and dip9 Someone is having a laugh at our expense!!Must be a great job, thinking up the most absurd names for perfectly plain food. I could do that!!!
Additionally when are they going to present us with a new flavour of popcorn? Variety is the spice of life! I am not a fan of sweet popcorn and when I get home from the cinema and am busy emptying the popcorn that has made its way inside my jumper,I go into salt overdose shakes! Here is an idea to try at home-

Make up microwave popcorn following instructions on packet. After you have run your steam scalded hand under cold water (I did say follow the instructions- becareful when opening the bag!) give your popcorn a good shower of any mexican spice mixes or rubs or sprinkle with paprika or even chilli.Really taste bud satistying and no salt trauma after!

Final comment for now- when you next have a trip to a fast food restaurant,don't let them make a fool of you. Use the fact that there are always hugely deceptive photos of each product above the counter and point at what you want and simply say "one of those, please" I could now start to rant about fast food restaurants- the food, the staff and even the toilets but my microwave has just pinged, so I am off to give my hand third degree burns and tuck into some "Mexican, hot and spicy,blow the top of your head off, tongue numbing, eye watering" popcorn.
Until next time or as Julia Childs would say "Bon Appetite"
Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was just like almost every other little girl. She had lots of imagination, lots of energy, a positive outlook on life and lots of dreams. When she was young she wanted to be a nursery school teacher or a nurse and everyone would love her; love her for her kind nature, contagious happiness and beauty (in her dreams she had blond, curly hair and sparkling blue eyes) She would live in an idyllic cottage with roses running round the door. She would have two perfect, blond haired, blue eyed children (a boy and a girl, of course). They would adore her; as would her handsome husband, the Doctor (even at that tender age she did not believe she would
marry a Prince!). Every morning she would kiss her handsome, doctor, husband goodbye; see her perfect children on to the school bus (with their nutritionally balanced packed lunches) and return to feed the rabbits, chickens and various other animals that wandered freely, in harmony, in her perfect garden. Finally she herself would leave for work-a smile on her face and humming a merry tune. She fell in love with a dream but reality is a cruel force.

Ok- lets leap forward a few decades! Let’s see what has happened once “real life” kicked in! She still has lots of imagination and uses it daydreaming about how things could have been different; if only……She doesn’t have quite so much energy anymore- bad choice in partner, horrendous pregnancy and birth, bitter divorce and no idea of what to do career wise- have sapped most of that energy. She tries to think positively, but lifes’ little blips and trials have made her sarcastic and skeptical. And her dreams-well they have become a lot more realistic! Oh yes, she did try to get the blonde, curly hair but it turned out orange and frizzy! I am that girl. I fell in love with a dream, but reality came and stomped on it!

Life never turns out as you want/expect. Sometimes, if you are really lucky, it turns out better; but on the whole, our fluffy, pink, candy floss dreams are squashed, trampled and pounded, until they are unrecognizable and we are left with a lump of used, spat out gum. Most of us feel we are the only ones to have bad luck; most of us live in envy of others; we feel bitter, hard done by, suspicious of anything positive. We always seem to be struggling to keep our heads above water; no time, no money, no energy, no help. Most of the time we think-what the hell is the point in trying! Life sucks. Years of fumbling around in a dark room and we still can’t find the blooming light switch!

So, here I am, divorced; on my own for the first time in 17 years; no job; twin teenage girls( who wish their Mum would get a life and stop bugging them) and no idea where I go from here or with whom! I live in hope that my friends will sort my life out -I may as well believe in fairy godmothers and magic wands! Don’t get me wrong I love my friends to bits. We have been together through thick and thin, but all of us are messed up, or have messed up, in one way or another.

However, there is no use crying over spilt milk (now crying over spilt wine is a different kettle of fish!) We have to learn to swallow our mistakes, cut through our problems and prepare ourselves for the next dish thrown at us. Let’s learn how to laugh at reality; let’s learn to stick up two chocolate fingers, and blow a big raspberry rippple, at Life.

These recipes are cheating slightly. These are just something you can throw together in an emergency. When you are feeling down in the dumps, for whatever reason it may be, you don't want to fuss about. You need immediate comfort. We are all different physically, mentally and taste budally- so for those with a sweet tooth:-

Take a bowl and put a BIG scoop of good quality icecream in it( I prefer vanilla but choice is yours). Next grab a handful of those chocolate balls that have "a honeycombed middle that weighs so little" You know the ones I am talking about! Put them in a plastic bag and smash the living daylights out of them. Great way to release that pent up anger or frustration. Sprinkle the pulverised choccies on the icecream and tuck in!

For those who need a chilli kick:-
Empty a tin of chopped tomatoes into a bowl, add 1 crushed clove of garlic, a handful of chopped corriander, a squirt of lemon juice and crumble in 1 or 2 fiery hot chillies (remember to wash your hands after, especially if you are tearful!)Grab a bag of tortilla chips and dip away until you've numbed the pain (or at least your tongue) and your eyes and nose are running- but not from crying!

Feeling better already?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Are you ready to laugh, cry, reminisce, contemplate and at the end of all that have something delicious for supper? Welcome to my "restaurant"-Recipes For Life and Love. Take a seat at a table for one or two or three or four or more, and prepare your taste buds for a gastronomical extravaganza of memories and a quirky look at Life in general. I hope to have you demanding for second and third helpings. I hope you will find the servings up to Michelin star quality. I hope you will share with me and I hope you will recommend my "restaurant" to others- who knows maybe one day we could be a chain of "restaurants"!

So- grab your knife and fork, adjust your napkin and tuck in!
Why the picture of me as a cat? I haven't got one of me in my chefs whites ......yet!