Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just a taste!

Just a taste of my book "Recipes for Life"- will be out as soon as I find a publisher! Any offers?

What’s on the Menu?

There are two things that won’t let you down; good food and good friends-in that order.

Which spawn of Satan took the last aspirin? My head feels like it is going to explode; it hurts to blink! Those blasted wine fairies have snuck up on me again and swopped my brain for a throbbing ball of cotton wool! Will I get through the pre school breakfast fiasco without throwing up? Not sure I should drive the girls to school; I might still be over the limit. Before you start tut-tutting and have me labeled as an alcoholic, let me clarify.

Last night was the monthly meet of “The Girls”. We meet at each other’s houses (restaurants refuse to have us anymore!) Each month the number of us meeting fluctuates. Our group is a “pick n’ mix” of characters- some of us have known each other since school; high flyer Sonia; The Mother Theresa of our group, Becky; and of course “the Twins” Helena The Adorable and Helen The Ruthless. Some are new arrivals (desperation leading them to join our merry troop) like Lidia, forever on the search for her Prince Charming. Some we can’t even remember why or when they joined us- I have no idea where Diane appeared from- actually one could ever say Diane “appeared”- Diane” makes an entrance”, red carpet and all. Diane, the one we love to hate. So glad she graced us with her presence and added some glamour and raunchiness to our little coven.

Some have been and gone, moving on to bigger and better things (wonder which yacht and with which celebrity Elise is with now- would love to tell you about her but I would be sued.) There are the regulars; Holly, desperate for children; the forever pregnant Louise and of course MOI! Sometimes, even us regulars are prevented from attending; stuff like children, husbands, ex-husbands, work, and boyfriends- life in general, get in the way. The main point is that we still meet up every month; we keep the tradition alive. Every time we meet we start the evening as mature, respectable women, but by the end of the evening we resemble a gaggle of giggling, tipsy teenagers. Throughout the evening; emotions, problems and dilemmas are argued over, criticized, sympathized with and finally solved (however, the solutions dreamt up by a rabble of blathering drunks can be a tad dubious at times!) In our own peculiar way we put each others worlds to right. Between us we have the answer to everything. Between us, we have experienced almost every aspect of life. Between us we could make the agony aunts redundant!


  1. Keep forgetting to read your blog, but love it when I do. Have added it to my google reader (now just have to remember to read my google reader!)