Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too busy on my soap box!

Hey-just realised I have been so busy being all serious and preachy that I have forgotten to include recipes!!! I have had enough of being serious, so will revert to my usual silliness and recipes,starting.........NOW

I have just returned from a stroll round the village Christmas Market. I indulged myself and had a cup of Gluhwein. Nothing more Christmassy than Gluhwein (except roast turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies etc,etc) but I can’t actually decide if I like it or not! Tell me if I am mistaken but does anyone else think it tastes a teeny weeny bit of Beechams Powders? Beechams Powders are a remedy for colds and flu and are the most vile tasting things on earth (apart from pig’s trotters, tripe and sea snot…I mean oysters). I was so sure that one of the secret ingredients must be a sachet or two of Beechams Powders, that I Googled the recipe. Nope- not a Beechams Powder in sight!

You probably think I am now going to tell you how to make Gluhwein-wrong, because I am feeling a bit queasy after my Styrofoam cupful of “Christmas Cheer!

We are about to enter a time of parties, parties and more parties! Seems a shame we save up all the parties and cram them in to 3 weeks of the year! Surely it would be better to spread them out over the whole year? Anyway, before I start getting on my soap box and preaching again, I shall move swiftly on! I am a firm believer in the idea that if you are hosting a party, you should enjoy the party too. What pleasure is there in opening your doors to visitors and you spend the whole time getting hot and hassled in the kitchen, missing out on all the chat and gossip? My dinner party recipes are always quick, easy and the majority of the preparation can be done ahead of time. The following is one of my favourites:-

Breast of Chicken Wrapped in Parma Ham.

Ingredients.(serves 4)

4 large chicken breasts
8 slices of Parma ham
½ a tub of herb and garlic soft cheese
A few glugs of Masala dessert wine.

Preheat oven to 170 degrees C. Slice horizontally through each chicken breast. Do not cut all the way through- the aim is to create a “pocket”. Stuff the “pocket” with the herb and garlic cheese and then wrap the chicken breast in 2 slices of the Parma ham. Place the prepared chicken breasts in a baking dish. Season with salt and pepper and pour on a generous amount of the Masala. Cover the lot tightly in tin foil and pop in oven for 45 minutes.
You can prepare this ahead of time – just remember to put it in the oven 45 minutes before you want to eat! Serve this with-rice or potatoes (boiled, mashed or roasted) and a green veg. Lurvly!!!!!

Anyone else out there as immature as me? I can not say (or even type) the word “breast” without smirking!!! Grow up Kate!


  1. I agree with you about gluhwein. Bleeeuch. If I'm ever offered any, I tip it straight down the loo so as to cut out the middleman.

    I can't wait for your 'spotted dick' recipe; you won't be able to type for the tears rolling down your face...

  2. There is a famous restaurant in Paris, The Pied de Cochon which presumably made it's name from successfully serving pig's trotters. As you know I am still trying to find out why it is such a popular dish. Maybe so far I have just been unlucky although it has always been marginally better than Beechams. Gluhwein I will definitely avoid although it might be a natural remedy for Swine Flu.


  3. Hi Kate!

    (Sorry for this note on your comments - couldn't find a contact form.)

    I think it was from your Travel with Kids friend that I received a link to your site. How fun!

    I thought you might like to take part in the blog carnival I do on Wednesdays called WanderFood Wednesday. Just add a link for your food-related post on Wednesdays and you can share with many others. Here's a link to how it works:

    Hope to see you tomorrow!