Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You know you want to!

Recipes For Life is ready to be unleashed on the public! Just have a look at the chapter titles.....you know you want to read more!!!!!!

What’s on the menu?

Chocolate and raspberry ripple pavlova

Chapter 1:- Meat and Two Veg. (Sarah)

Yorkshire pudding filled with mincemeat gravy
Easy All Day Breakfast
Big breakfast tortilla

Chapter 2:- Angel Cake (Lidia)

Pesto stuffed chicken wrapped in Parma ham
Pasta Putanesca
Toffee angel cake roll

Chapter 3:- Haute Cuisine (Diane)

Baked camembert with calvados and walnuts
Chocolate chilli fondue

Chapter 4:- First Dinner or Last Supper (Sonia)

Chicken liver and brandy pate
Orange roast chicken
Fruit topped cheesecake

Chapter 5:- T.V Dinners (Becky)

Mexican feast-enchiladas, guacamole, salsa, black bean guacamole
Soy glazed tuna steaks
Ice cream crunch

Chapter 6:- Big White Meringues and Dinner Parties (Helen and Helena)

Indian feast:-vegetable pakoras, prawns cooked red, beef randang, lamb and tomato curry
Strawberry granita
Pink grapefruit and muscatel granite
Lamb steaks with rosemary sweet potatoes

Chapter 7:- Dessert Please (Emma and Holly)

Broccoli and mint soup
Tuna and fennel lasagna
Nutty banana tart

Chapter 8:- The Crowded Table (Louise)

Tuna fishcakes and
Sweet chilli dipping sauce

Chapter 9:-Chocolate teapots and strong, black coffee (Cassie)

Espresso and hazelnut cake

Chapter 10:-Sucking on Lemons (Cassie and Tina)

Fabulous fruit cake

Chapter 11:-Supermum (Celia)

European tour: meatballs and spaghetti, tuna quesadillas, sticky pork ribs, stir-fry noodles.

Chapter 12:-The Perfect Dry Martini (Crystal)

Rum painkiller
Lemon vodka
Elderflower champagne
Cranberry and orange surprise

Chapter 13:- Second Sittings (Naomi)

Empty the fridge stir fry rice

Chapter 14:- After Dinner Toasts.

Crispy Parma ham and mozzarella salad
Barbecued balsamic beef
Barbecued vegetable pouches


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