Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ooof- my bottom hurts!!! Now before your imaginations start working overtime (or maybe it is just me who has the dirty mind!) I decided to remind my two girls what the two things dangling off the bottom of their body are-LEGS and what they should be used for-EXERCISE, not for just displaying cool trousers. So I decided we would cycle (hence the sore bottom) 6 kms to a nearby village, where a friend of mine participates every month in an ecological food fair. Beautiful sunny, crisp day. Ok, so the country lane route was a bit bumpy (roads for tractors not bikes). Ok, so I got the wrong village, which meant we had to cycle an extra 5 kms to get to the right venue (their faces when we arrived at the wrong village was comical…to me!) Actually my Girls did not whimper and whine too much, but what has happened to the majority of the “young, fit, things” of today?

I’ll tell you what has happened (if you don’t mind!)-there is an acute epidemic of laziness! I know I keep harping on about, “when I was young…..” but really, all those eons ago, children were out on bikes, running (often aimlessly!), playing football, playing hop scotch, or on family hikes. Why? Because we did not have computers, Nintendo’s, Play Stations or all day T.V (remember when Blue Peter was about the only thing for us to watch?)

We walked to school, or at least to the bus stop. Gym classes at school were hockey, netball, track, football, tennis and rounders- I know they still do those sports today but “in my day” they were all competitive, tough and played in any weather. I have many a fond memory of tearing about a playing field in howling winds and below zero temperatures in my miniscule gym skirt! Now, if there is a slight breeze or a spot of rain gym is held in the heated sports hall.

Summer holidays were off to beaches for swimming, more rounders, football etc and normally in below zero temperatures! No theme parks or “all inclusive, don’t need to move from the hotel complex, don’t need to bring your imagination, holidays.

I could go on longer but your eyeballs are probably exhausted and my typing finger is throbbing almost as much as my nether region! Anyway- we three survived and we ate some delicious food prepared by my friend Shirley and her husband Peter- Falafel Wraps. We are making them ourselves tomorrow night.

Falafel. Makes 12.

In a food processor chuck in the following:-

400g (13oz) of canned chickpeas –drained.
½ an onion
1tsp of ground cumin
1tsp of ground coriander
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp of plain flour
Salt and pepper

Whizz the whole lot up into a smooth paste. On a floured work surface divide the mixture into 12 equal portions and mould each portion into a flat, round patty. Shallow fry the Falafel (great name!) 2-3 minutes on each side.
Put 2 falafel on a flat tortilla or in a pitta pocket with some houmous (please see my previous blog for recipe for this), some minty yoghurt (natural yoghurt with a spoonful of mint sauce mixed in) and some finely sliced iceberg lettuce.

This is seriously delicious (thank you Shirley and Peter) and …….super healthy!!!

Now wish I had not got rid of my bath tub and replaced it with a super duper shower!Iit would be alright to dip my lower half in the kitchen sink full of cold water- wouldn’t it?

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