Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please note:- my falafel and houmous( I am talking about the recipes in todays blog- not anything bilogical!) did not look like my friend Shirley's! Asked the Master Chef in question and my error.....laziness!! Don't use jars of/canned chickpeas, unless it is a real emergency, use dried chickpeas. Soak dried chickpeas over night and then puree them (no cooking needed!)You can even add a few split green peas to add colour and variety-and don't we all need a bit of colour and variety in our lives? !

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  1. Thanks you sooo much. One of the things I miss most about Spain (apart from the company of my lovely friends over there) is Shirley's houmous (and if I'm honest, her Brownies). Will try this one, though I fear I will also manage to mess it up somehow! Keep them coming! (the recipes, that is!)