Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another tool to my belt!

My other feel good experience was that I managed to fix our toilet! Yes, me alone- well I had spectators (2 children, 5 cats and 1 rabbit). Ok, so a plumber could have fitted a whole heating system in the time it took me but I did it in the end. Only lost my temper twice, only once thought about smashing it to smithereens and only growled at my daughters a few times! Problem was I was looking for the ballcock (I have always had a problem locating these!!!!!!!) and now modern toilets don't have the same system or they have changed shape! But we now have flushing toilet and I have another tool to add to my belt!
Treated myself to a big mug of tea and a bacon sandwich (oozing with butter and brown sauce)- suitable breakfast for a would-be plumber!
P.s I used brown bread to pretend I was being healthy!

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