Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Feeling

They say "simple things please simple minds"- so what! I think even a genius must get that "good feeling" from simple things like the smell of freshly baked bread.I haven't tried making my own bread yet(seems like alot of work) but I love to stand outside our local bread shop inhaling deeply!. How can Mr/Ms. high I.Q not enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass-warning, as this is a foodie type page, I am not suggesting you munch on grass for breakfast! Which college professor does not sigh with happiness when they return from work to the smell of homecooking (unless they have returned late and the dinner is burnt or already in the cat or dog or bin!)Tell me of a high flying business person that can walk into a chocolate shop and not start salavating! Freshly ground coffee, Sunday roast, cakes baking in an oven, a good curry simmering on the hob etc.
Oh, I feel a Julie Andrews Sound of Music song coming on and I have only mentioned a couple of simple things, and only those affecting our sense of smell! Simple things are great and should be enjoyed to the utmost!
One of the simple thigs that made me feel great this morning- I have 4 followers to my blog! Ok, one of them is me, but who cares!

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