Monday, November 9, 2009


Why? I have been writing for months now, but just for me, so why a blog and why now? I won't lie and tell you one morning I woke up inspired and knew I was destined to write a blog; no my inspiration came from something much simpler....a trip to the cinema! I went to see Julie and Julia and Julie starts this amazing blog based on Julia Childs recipes (I am not telling you anymore-go and see the film1)So as I munched my way through a monstorous sized bucket of calorie laden popcorn (balanced off, in my mind, by a large DIET drink), I decided I should give it a go.
I love going to the cinema but there are a couple of things that really annoy me about my trips. Why when ordering food do you have to make a complete idiot of yourself? It is a bit like when you go to any fast food restaurant. All the food has ridiculous, and sometimes obscene, names. Don't you cring when you have to order a "Double whammy, super, dooper, crispy,crunchy mega bite" (large hotdog)or "Dippity,dip,spicy,cheesy,wheezy nachos" (nachos and dip9 Someone is having a laugh at our expense!!Must be a great job, thinking up the most absurd names for perfectly plain food. I could do that!!!
Additionally when are they going to present us with a new flavour of popcorn? Variety is the spice of life! I am not a fan of sweet popcorn and when I get home from the cinema and am busy emptying the popcorn that has made its way inside my jumper,I go into salt overdose shakes! Here is an idea to try at home-

Make up microwave popcorn following instructions on packet. After you have run your steam scalded hand under cold water (I did say follow the instructions- becareful when opening the bag!) give your popcorn a good shower of any mexican spice mixes or rubs or sprinkle with paprika or even chilli.Really taste bud satistying and no salt trauma after!

Final comment for now- when you next have a trip to a fast food restaurant,don't let them make a fool of you. Use the fact that there are always hugely deceptive photos of each product above the counter and point at what you want and simply say "one of those, please" I could now start to rant about fast food restaurants- the food, the staff and even the toilets but my microwave has just pinged, so I am off to give my hand third degree burns and tuck into some "Mexican, hot and spicy,blow the top of your head off, tongue numbing, eye watering" popcorn.
Until next time or as Julia Childs would say "Bon Appetite"

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