Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to wear this one!

Which hats do you wear? It is only 7.30 am here in not so sunny Spain and so far the hats I have worn are:-

My cross Mummys hat- why do children wake up early on a Saturday, yet have to be dragged out of bed during the week.

My chefs hat- why does one of my daughters insist on asking for the one thing I don't have when I ask what they want for breakfast.

My zookeepers hat- battling my way through 5 cats and a rabbit, without tripping over one of them, to get them fed.

My laundrette hat- why is my washing machine always full? Are the rest of the village sneaking into my house at night and dumping their dirty clothes in my machine?

By the end of the day I will also have worn:-

My holiday camp entertainments organisers hat- "What are we doing today, Mummy?"

My psychologists hat- having 2 almost teenage daughters means this hat is getting worn more and more! also a few sessions of self analysis seem necessary these days!

My chefs hat- numerous times.

My cleaners hat- never really take this off, just put other hats on top of it!

My saints halo- helps me gather up enough patience to deal with afore mentioned animals,children and grumpy ex-husband.

My taxi drivers hat-my daughters forget they have bikes and those things that dangle from the bottom of their boddies....legs

I have probably forgotten a few hats but you know which hat I want to wear....the one at the start of this blog. Just for a day or two I would love to wear a frivilous, pretty, non useful hat. A hat that signifies fun and no responsibilities. But having said this, after a couple of days I would miss all my other hats. Perhaps I am more of a cosy,sensible woolly bobble hat than a Alexander McQueen creation.

What kind of hat are you?

Weekend upon us and for many that means Sunday is spent trying to coordinate a Sunday lunch-Don't do it! Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday Lunch in a Tin.

Take heaps of vegetables- carrots,onions,swede,peppers,celery, tomatoes etc and roughly chop them and put them in the biggest roasting tray you have.Add lots of salt and pepper, rosemary (fresh or dried), bay leaves and garlic (crushed or just chuck in whole cloves). Drizzle with Olive oil and put in hot oven for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes place chicken breasts or pork chops on top of veggies. More salt and pepper and olive oil and back in oven for 40 minutes (or until meat cooked) Serve from roasting tray with potatoes (mashed,boiled or roasted) if you can be bothered to make them, or some lovely fresh bread. Gravy optional!

Time saver- you can do all the roasting of vegetables the day before, so you only have to chuck some meat on top and voila- Sunday roast in 40 minutes!


  1. It tired me out just reading about how many hats you wear in one day! You must have oodles of energy!